27 Jan 2017

Commissioned by NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale CCG in partnership with Healthy Young Minds Rochdale, Clueless is one of a series of short, single voice plays by M6, aiming to raise awareness around, and support for mental health issues for audiences 13+.

The monologue and interactive workshop toured seven schools for two weeks in November, as well as being spotlighted at a local cultural conference. Participant feedback illustrates the positive impact of M6's creative intervention model, with one young participant stating 'before today I hadn't thought about how easy it is to regret a decision'. 

We are delighted that M6's CLUELESS has been evaluated by independent Educational Advisor, Janet Palmer, former HMI National Lead for PHSE education and citizenship. 

Janet's Report on the effectiveness and impact of this cross agency M6 creative intervention model will be disseminated widely to support best practice guidance on innovative Safeguarding, SMSC/PHSE provision for young people aged 13+. 

M6 has also created a digital filmed resource which will be piloted with those seven participating schools and partner agencies.