24 Oct 2017

Day 4     Thursday 12/10/17                                                    

Today was day 4 of my M6 experienceand as always I started off the day by typing up the daily blog for day 3 of my M6 experience but as I were typing it up I could hear some music coming from the rehearsals. One song was ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ and I loved it as it went through to the end of the song and the second song was a really relaxing jazz song which reminded me of ‘Singing In The Rain’ (if that’s the title of the song) and it was just the perfect start for typing up my daily blog.

Later on I were told I was heading down to rhearsals but before I went I was given a “secret” task of taking pictures throughout rehearsals for an information sheet about the performance ‘A Tiger’s Tale’ and some of the backstage preperation and so I took some pictures but I couldn’t review thm as the device, iPad, I was using had a code to access the device and I didn’t know it.

Now it was that time to head down to observe the rehearsals and I knew I were to help with writing the stage blocking, which wasn’t an issue, accept, being the forgetful person I am, I forgot to bring my copy of the script down into rehearsals so I had to end writing the stage blocking in my note book which went really well.

Later on when it reached the legal tea break where I quickly walked back up to the office where I would then collect my script copy to write any further stage blocking down.

Now I was sure I had everything I were introduced to TC who was the choreographer for movement and song movement.  For rehearsals there was a song to be choreographed wich I was looking forward to because I hadn’t seen a song yet and so the blocking started with some interesting movement and actions such as cup & plate stacking which went really well with the music of the song.                                                                                              As the song progressed more and more movement was fitted in to suit the lyrics and the music until we got to a point where it started to get really mesmorising and really appealing for the eyes. There were lots of tricks with cups & plates which looked so facinating because it was almost as if the cups & plates were floating.

As the song blocking was getting practice over and over again the song looked better and better and it looked as it would on the final night of the performance.

All the cast knew what they were doing and so I was given a task of recording the song (which included singing, dancing and plate tricks that are very appealing to the eyes) and so I recorded it as well as I could and I think the song lasted about 3 minutes, including the stage blocking.                                     This was one of the last things I did as it was nearing to the end of the day.

Just before I was going to go home I was offered to do a bit more blogging for a session which actully takes place at my school but it’s not official yet as I have to sort out timings because it’s during my lessons and I will need permission of the teachers but it’s definatley something I would love to do.

And so it was time to go home where I was happy once again and looking forward to the next day.