25 Oct 2017

Day 5  Friday 13/10/17

Today was the final day, day 5 of my M6 experience. I arrived at M6 at 10:00am where I would type up my daily blog for day 4 and as I was typing up I could hear vocal warm ups which were taking place in rehearsals. The vocal warm ups sounded so relaxing & fun and was very pleasing to the ear. I'd say that typing up my blog took about 55 minutes until I moved on to the task.

Before I went down into rehearsals I got some photos took of me to go with my day 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 blogs.

It was now time for me to enter rehearsals (I didn't forget my script copy this time!) where I was told that the team were sorting out the music to go with the whole play. This included background music behind lines, background music behind movement and music for the different songs. It was an extremely busy day for both cast & crew as they had to go through the whole script.

As the music was being discussed and played it was really interesting to listen to because each time the music was changed by making it longer or shorter just suited the performance so well and its mind blowing how the musical director, James, can just create music that fits so well with the script off the top of his head.

Yet again another non leaning vertical ladder balance was pulled off and I still don't know how it is done.

As the rehearsal performance proceeded there was another ear pleasing song for a scene. I'm not going to describe the scene but there was some African themed music which is inevitably hard not to move to, even if it's a foot stomp

Every time it stopped I wanted it to keep playing but if it were to be played all day then rehearsals wouldn't progress.

Another scene included more mind blowing tricks. I will now make a list of some and briefly describe them:

- Juggling Hats, I can't say anything else other than it was very fun to watch

- There were some tricks with Hula Hoops and this one really messed with my mind. The cast were spinning the hoops with one hand and my mind kept thinking that it was levitating which is what looked like.

There was just so much that I was amazed about and I felt this throughout the week.

Another thing which I witnessed was a model tiger and it was so cool as it actually looked like a real tiger. M6 is such a professional company and I can't wait until I watch the final show.

Unfortunately for me, it was getting to the end of the day but it was time for a "tea break" and I honestly thought it was a "tea break". I was called into the break room and it turned out that this "tea break" was actually a mini surprise thank you party and I was so speechless. The whole M6 team brought in donuts, which were really yummy, and they gave me a little thank you present. I got some sweets, chocolate and an A4 note pad which I will definitely use, possibly for more blogs. There was also a thank you card signed by everyone and I couldn't thank them enough for the fun week of M6 experience. I got them a thank you gift, not expecting something in return, which was a box of celebrations.

I couldn't thank M6 enough for letting me do work experience with them for a week. I was honoured to work with a theatre company that is so successful and it's also crazy because I remember learning about M6 during a drama lesson at school.

It was now time to go home. I had a huge smile on my face as I had an amazing week to remember throughout my life.

Hopefully I can take this blogging to the next stage and I want to say one more massive thank you to the M6 team for letting me work with them.