19 Oct 2017

Day 3 Wednesday 11/10/17

Today was another late start at 1:15pm but today I was to take charge of the aged 8-11 year old session at 4:15-6:15. The first thing I did was typing up my day 2 blog of the M6 experience but after that I was to plan for the first half of the session later on in the day.

I was given a document to read and this document had pages and pages of drama warm up games which help you to get to know the class, trust games or even games to help focus. I spent a good 15 minutes reading through this document and as I was going I picked 3 different games which I thought were fun to play.

The first drama game what I chose was just a way so I could get to know the names of each children. We all sat in a circle and one by one we said our name and something that we liked.

The second game was called ‘Wink Murder’ which is a game that every child knows. A detective is chosen and they have to go out the room until a murderer has been chosen. The detective comes back into the room and tries to find the murderer whilst the murderer winks/blinks at someone (the game’s way of eliminating someone out of the game.

The third game was called ‘Bish Bash Bosh What are you doing?’ And this game is about reaction and listening skills. One person in the middle says ‘Bish Bash’ to a randomly selected person and they simply reply ‘Bosh’ but if you get asked ‘What are you doing?’ Then you have to act out an action and say what you are doing.

After I had planned the session I went into a meeting with Caroline and Parvez, they were planning a2 hour session for a school the following week which is part of the Rochdale Literature and Ideas Festival. There was discussion about activities and tasks to do with the participants e.g. physical warm ups, monologues, making a headline into a performance etc. There was also discussion on how to tackle obstacles and making activities suitable for everyone including people with disabilities or people who are sensitive or deal with mental health. This gave me a real insight of how sessions and activities are planned in meetings which is really interesting because the planning starts from scratch and suddenly a fully planned session that is formed that is fun.

It had come to the time where I were to take lead for half of session which is quite big because I only half experience of teaching 1 lesson which was for my arts award silver but any experience is better than nothing. Each child came in one by one until we all entered the studio theatre where we sat in a circle and shared something that happened throughout our week.

After we got into the games where I would now take lead and this was to get to know them so we all introduced our self which was helpful for me so it would make the session easier.

Then I introduced ‘Wink Murder’ where all the children were very enthusiastic because they love the game and so we played it until everyone had a go at something.

The final game I led was ‘Bish Bash Bosh’ and this was a nice relaxed game before the break. It was very fun as everyone was tricked out at some point.

After the break I joined in the game ‘In the river On the bank’ which really confused me at one point but this game helps your listening skills as there are some sneaky tricks to catch you out. Once the game had been won the children worked on their poem performances that they performed last week. They were doing improvements to see how they could make it better and from their planning it made me think that the performances were going to be very good as the ideas I heard and rehearsals I saw really surprised me. The final game to end the session was a game called ‘Wolf’ and I’m not quite sure how to explain it but it is a game about focus and choice. This game took the session to an end, 6:15pm, where I was really happy and honoured to work with an amazing theatre company.