17 Oct 2017

Tuesday 10/10/17 Day 2

I arrived at 1:00pm which turned out to be 30 minutes earlier than when I should have started but it wasn’t a worry as I had extra time to type up day 1 of the M6 experience. I managed to spend a good hour preparing and typing up this day 1 blog so it was as close to a professional blogger’s post as possible.

After I did the blog I was given a very fun task which was to find some music. I had to find a special themed music and the theme was about growing up. This was preparation for a future performance which isn’t even in process yet but it’s always good to ahead of the game. After some research and search through Google I collected 10 songs that could suit this future performance and they ranged from: Olly Murs – Grow Up to Avril Lavinge – Here’s To Never Growing Up. During my searching I got to listen to good songs and M6 were a step ahead for the future performance which was a win win. I found songs that I hadn’t even heard of and it’s interesting of how many ways you can interpret a theme through music because each song had a different element to it.


After I had finished the task of finding the themed music I got given another job which was a nice break. My task was to help deliver some packages to the post office and it’s a nice chance to get into some fresh air after you have been inside all day where it can get really warm. Luckily there was a lovely breeze in the air and it helped me to get familiar with some surroundings of the M6 location.

Once we came back I was given a break where I could sort out and clean up my Gmail but won’t get into detail about this as it’s not very interesting.

After my break the time was round about 4:15pm and I was to take part and observe in the drama session for children, aged 8-12 years old, which was really exciting. When all the class were settled in we sat in a circle and we shared something exciting that happened within our week. As each child spoke it showed part of their personality and each child was very enthusiastic and they loved playing drama warm up games.   

The first drama warm up game was ‘don’t drop the plate’ and in this game you had to mime as if you were holding a plate and you had to do many movements but keeping this mime/action of you holding a plate which was funny because at one point some dropped their plate but acted as if they didn’t.

The second drama warm up game was ‘guess the adverb’ and for this game one person went out of the room whilst the rest of the group decided on an adverb to act out. Once the ‘detective’ came back into the room they had to stand in the middle of a person and pick someone to act out this adverb until it was guessed correctly. This was a definite favourite as the children just wanted to play this game over and over again.

The third and final game was ‘freeze-frame’ and half of the group would be given a scene, e.g. park, and they would have to get into a freeze-frame pretending to be in the park. One person was feeding the ducks and another having a jog. The other half of the group had to guess what each person was posing as until everyone was guessed and the other half of the group did a new theme

After these warm up games they had a 20 minute rehearsal for a short scene and they had to use three lines from a given poem and put it into a performance. They also had to include a point where a word or phrase is said at the same time and include 1 sound effect. At the end of the session each group performed their performance and it was recorded. For their age the performances were very good but it’s interesting to see whether or not these children will keep attending M6 session until they leave school because it would be amazing to see the progress over time. This took me to the end of the day, 6:30pm, until I went home extremely exhausted.