Young People from Rochdale Make a World of Difference

25 Jan 2019

The voices of Rochdale’s younger residents can be seen and heard through a trilogy of short films made with M6 Theatre Company, to be shown as part of Rochdale Hate Crime Awareness Week (beginning 4 Feb).

Through a series of interactive drama workshops, M6 facilitators Caroline Kennedy and Parvez Qadir supported three groups of young people in developing the skills to create their own unique productions. Working with local film and animation experts Mako Education, Kilogramme and Esky Bluu, the films offer a positive and inclusive approach to living with difference.

DON’T HATE ME is a children’s manifesto created by students from Year 5 and 6 at St Luke’s Primary. Kim Farrall, Headteacher, who commissioned the award-winning film project said:

By working with professional film makers and drama practitioners, the children not only developed the confidence and skills to share their voices but also learned about potential new career paths in the creative industries.”

One of the young participants commented:

“I’ve not only become more confident, I have become a kinder person.”

OUR STORY is an animation made by young refugees from Kingsway Park High School. This moving film gave the young people a chance to share their feelings and fears on joining a new school and offers meaningful advice on the simple steps that would make a new person feel welcome.  

The final film in the trilogy, WHEREVER THE ROAD TAKES ME, made in collaboration with St Cuthbert’s and RMBC, portrays the lives of six proud members of the Gypsy and Traveller community. The film challenges stereotypes through the telling of the young people’s individual stories.

Debs Palmer, M6’s CEO said:

Rochdale Council and schools are often at the forefront of empowering creative practice. There is such great innovative child-centred work happening in the borough under the radar, it seems a shame not to share it far and wide!”

All the films have been shown at school assemblies across Rochdale Borough, providing these emerging young artists with the opportunity to influence their peers and share their creative achievements. The films will be shown at the #THRIVE drop-in facility throughout Rochdale Hate Crime Awareness Week. Each one has an accompanying education resource which can be found,  along with the films, at

M6 Theatre is the common thread in all three projects: funded by Arts Council England, M6 is rooted in Rochdale and recognised as a world class theatre provider creating original theatre experiences with, for and by children, young people and their families.