Four short films have been created as resources for teachers and professionals.  

Don't Hate Me: A children's manifesto created by students form Year 5 and 6 at St Luke's Primary. 

Our Story: An animation made by young refugees from Kingsway Park High School. This moving film gave the young people a chance to share their feelings and fears on joining a new school and offers meaningful advice on the simple steps that would make a new person feel welcome.  

Our Story from Kilogramme on Vimeo.

Wherever the Road Takes Me: Made in collaboration with St Cuthbert’s and RMBC, the film portrays the lives of six proud members of the Gypsy and Traveller community. It challenges stereotypes through the telling of the young people’s individual stories.


Just Someone I Know: Commissioned by Rochdale Borough Council with Kingsway Park High School to raise awareness of children missing in education.


M6 works in partnership with schools to bring artists, children and teachers together on creative projects. We tour all of our productions into schools and also offer residencies and tailor-made projects.  We actively engage young people and teachers in our rigorous research, development and evaluation processes.

Our productions place children and young people’s wellbeing and empowerment at their centre, enhancing the pupils' understanding of themselves, their relationships with others and the world around them.

Our productions are fully supported by:

Production Linked Workshops

We offer a range of workshop models allowing pupils to explore the themes of the play and interact with the actors or specialist workers using dynamic, active learning techniques.

Production Resource Materials

We create imaginative and memorable resource materials to accompany productions.  These further enhance the creative and learning opportunities initiated by the performance and provide additional stimulating opportunities for young people to interact with the performance long after our visit.

If you would like to work with us, or have an idea you would like to discuss, please contact Gilly Baskeyfield

 “M6’s work continues to be of a high, thought provoking standard.  M6’s style and ideas will filter down into the pupils’ work for years to come"
Chris Martin, Head of Drama, Thornliegh Salesian College